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Avoid academic burn-out.   Conquer test anxiety.

As the school admission frenzy heats up, more and more students burn out.  They often spend countless hours preparing for tests and exams by reading, memorizing and taking one practice test after another.  For many students, the mere mention of a “high stakes” test or entrance exam causes more anxiety than they can manage.  On the day of the test, well-prepared students may become so anxious and stressed-out that they cannot remember information they know well or solve problems with ease.

After assessing hundreds of students, Dr. McPhee realized that even the most capable and dedicated students do not necessarily improve their performance with repeated tutoring, practice and preparation.  Like many teachers, parents and counselors she was worried about these stressed-out students who were frustrated, discouraged and had lost confidence in their own ability.  They were having trouble sleeping, headaches, stomach problems, and were prone to illness, signs which many students ignore because they are so worried about their academic performance.  Deciding it was time for action, Dr. McPhee founded SMART Performance and began offering products and services to reduce stress.

Is it a learning disability or is it too much stress?

test taking groupSimilar to the difficulties faced by students with ADHD or a learning disability, students with excessive stress often struggle with:

  • Focusing
  • Learning
  • Remembering
  • Problem Solving
  • Succeeding at the expected level

The disappointment and frustration of her clients reminded Dr.McPhee of her work and experience with competitive athletes, where the “mental game” is as important as physical skill and practice.  Learning to “stay in the zone” is a competitive edge for athletes and the same is true for students.

Skill + knowledge may NOT  = success

Like talented, well-trained athletes who become anxious and erratic in competitions, skill and knowledge alone do not necessarily lead to excellence for students. In fact, it is a combination of several inter-related factors which contribute to academic success.

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Research today confirms that students who have been trained to focus, relax and manage their attitude and emotions will be more successful than others who were not trained.  The StudySMART program is ideal for students who have no time to relax or learn stress management. Brief audio exercises teach students easy, effective relaxation techniques which can be uploaded to smart phones and tablets.

What do the experts say about SMART Performance for students?

StudySMART is smart. The clear presentation of audio and video female with earbuds instruction engages the participant to make relaxation a meaningful part of everyday living. SMART Performance® teaches people to recognize their stress-producing habits. It then offers clear, manageable strategies that build more serviceable thoughts and behaviors that result in greater physical and emotional well-being.

Peg Baim, MS, NP, Clinical Director, Center for Training at Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

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