Learn more about assessments and learning disabilities from these students and parents.

I had always wondered why it took me so much longer than my peers to finish reading assignments. I never understood concepts as quickly as my classmates and I found reading comprehension difficult.

In my junior year of high school, my mom decided to have me tested by Dr. Jean McPhee to see if there was a specific reason why I had such difficulty with some of my schoolwork. When I saw Dr. McPhee, she was very easy to speak to and I instantly felt relaxed around her. She made the entire process very easy and comfortable.

Her testing revealed that I did in fact have a reading disorder. She reassured me everything would be okay. Not only did she help restore my confidence and assure me that I am an intelligent person, but she also helped me understand why certain things were so hard for me to understand and gave me a very explicit explanation of my learning disability. As a result I was able to excel in many AP classes and my standardized testing scores greatly improved.

I can honestly say that Dr. McPhee had a significant positive impact on me. She is extremely helpful and cares about improving the lives of her clients.

(College freshman)


After years of struggling with school work, we decided to have our daughter tested by Dr. Jean McPhee. Our daughter felt very comfortable with Dr. McPhee both during the testing and at the follow up conference. Dr. McPhee told us in an empathic, concise, non-intimidating and positive manner, the explanation of what the struggles entailed. It was a huge moment of enlightenment to finally have a concrete reason for her challenges.

Dr. McPhee outlined a plan along with suggesting numerous resources on how best to proceed. We saw immediate improvement in our daughter’s mood and confidence even before any interventions were in place. We followed the plan and were able to get accommodations and help from a wonderful tutor.

The experience with Dr. McPhee has truly been of great benefit for our daughter not only during high school and through the college application process, but for life. Our daughter now understands her learning style. She knows the strategies of how to best work with her challenges and is confident she can be a successful student in college and any profession she pursues.

(Parent of 12th grade student)


I have really benefitted from my work with Dr. Jean McPhee. We first met when I was struggling in high school. I had always been successful before but suddenly my grades and test scores were falling. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not seem to remember information learned in class and on assignments. It also took me so much longer to do my work than the rest of my friends. One of my teachers recognized I was having trouble, especially when taking tests, and suggested that I talk to my parents about getting tested.

I was quite nervous and embarrassed about meeting with Dr. McPhee but I soon got over it. It was definitely worth it to find out what was going on and talking about the assessment results helped me understand my learning style. My high school also granted me extra time on tests, which was very helpful. I am now getting accommodations in college and plan to apply to graduate school next year.

(College junior)


Dr. McPhee has a down-to-earth and positive demeanor that makes her very easy to work with, and a pleasure to work with as well. During my assessment with Dr. McPhee I felt like the experience was authentic and tailored to my specific needs. Dr. McPhee is truly a unique psychologist with a wonderful personality and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!

(High school senior)


I would not be enjoying studying and coping with all of the pressures as a young man if I had not met Dr. McPhee.  I was born premature, and am the only child of my parents.  Growing up, I experienced various concentration problems though I excelled in school, in academics and sports.  I felt that all the pressures in maintaining a balanced life with school, friends and family made it harder to concentrate on the the things I cared most about, especially studying.

My parents, recognizing my concentration difficulties, decided to get help from Dr. McPhee.  She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable while she assessed my cognitive functions.  Because of it, I learned a lot more about myself and really appreciate her professional help and advice.

When I look back and compare those difficult times in high school with my life as a college student, I feel more capable and confident and am looking forward to greater opportunities to deal with life’s challenges.

(College undergraduate)