Jean Hoyer McPhee, PhD

Clinical Psychologist – Founder, SMART Performance®jmcphee_circle

Dr. McPhee’s training and experience as a psychologist, teacher, parent and grandparent, shape her broad understanding of cognitive, emotional and situational factors which impact children, parents and others, especially in these stressful times.

As a psychology major at Stanford University, Dr. McPhee was trained to recognize early signs of cognitive development, creativity and resilience. She loved her first career as an elementary school teacher, but then went back to school to earn a PhD in clinical psychology.

After establishing her psychology practice in La Jolla, CA, Dr. McPhee became increasingly concerned about the noticeable harmful effects of stress on her clients. Searching for evidence-based solutions, Dr. McPhee trained with relaxation expert Herbert Benson, MD at Harvard University’s Mind Body Institute. In 2005 she founded SMART Performance™ with one goal in mind: to provide quick, easy and effect Stress Management and Relaxation Training for students and others who want to feel better and perform at their best.

At this national time of crisis, Dr. McPhee has expanded her services to provide quickly accessible stress management resources for families and individuals. In addition, she is available for individual telehealth sessions when appropriate.

Professional Credentials and Affiliations:

American Psychological Association
State of California – Lifetime Teaching Credential
State of California – Licensed Psychologist PSY 15325